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Earn up to $82,000 per year just by being you. New data privacy laws mean that YOU own your data. Make sure you don’t give it away for free. Join the billions who are earning a living wage though data farming.


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Product Description

Your data is a valuable asset, don’t give it away for free!

In 2027, you own your data – whether its location, communication, health, or social media – all of that data belongs to you, and it is a valuable asset in the data marketplace. This wristband will help broker your data. You can choose to sell some of your data to non-profits and humanitarian research programs, and gain a modest income. Or sell all of your data to third party data brokers, and earn up to $82,000 per year.


This Artifact from the Future is inspired by¬†Institute for the Future’s 2017 Map of the Decade.