bacon extruder

DRM Bacon Extruder


In the year 2028, the only way to get your hands on tasty bacon is through this at-home bacon extruder.

100% of profits from these sales go directly to intelligent pigs.

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Product Description

The year is 2028. AI and cybernetically augmented pigs have teamed up to make money on lab grown meat. After centuries of factory farming, the pigs are fed up with exploitation by humans.

With the help the latest animal-computer interfaces and AI collaborators, the pigs were able to design manufacture a countertop bacon extruder. The machine is charged with proprietary DRM capsules that contain pig DNA, and all required growing substrates and nutrients are used in the machine, similar to how a Keurig coffee maker works.

In this world, the pigs’ AI lawyers have secured rights over all pig DNA, making it illegal for third parties to sell pig DNA, or any pig products without consent and expensive licensing fees from the pigs. In this future, the only way to eat bacon is through this proprietary system that ultimately makes the pigs filthy rich.

This Artifact from the Future is part of a series called Animals Inc. Documentation about the process of creating this series can be found on Instructables.


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