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Intention Viewer Augmented Reality HUD


People’s lives are full of intention. With this eyeware, you will never miss the intention of another person in your view. A heads up display color-codes the intention of people you see.

Intention Viewers Eyeware Augmented Reality Heads-Up-Display Intention Viewer.

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Product Description

Make Intentions Seen!


  • quality polarized lens from brand makers
  • user friendly operation button for easy control
  • computer vision dynamic shape tracking HUD
  • easy connection with neural interface
  • built in 2GB-8GB memory for intention record keeping
  • sleek and elegant design suits for both men and women users
  • real time intention viewing never let intention be missed
  • a must equipment and highly recommended device for journalist, traffic police, travelers, and etc


This Artifact from the Future is inspired by Institute for the Future’s 2016 Map of the Decade.