Microbial Mood Ring


This ring is a “canary in the coal mine” for your body. It contains a complete replica of the wearer’s micro biome.

If the ring comes in contact with microbes or viruses that are harmful to that unique micro biome, then the ring will change colors. This color change acts as a signal that the wearer needs to wash their hands or risk illness.

As we begin to gain a meow nuanced understanding of our micro biome, we will need new tools to navigate this landscape.

This ring gives us a window into the microscopic works within our bodies. It helps distinguish between clean dirt, and dirty dirt.

You might go all day in the woods, touching trees, rocks and dirt, and while you may appear filthy, none of that dirt will cause any harm. Whereas, if you get that dirty exploring an urban environment, you may want to wash.

Read more about this ring, and the research supporting it at the IFTF’s Future Now Blog.

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